A Letter From The Owners

A Letter From The Owners

To the Community of Paris –


I write this letter with great vigor and excitement as we embark on a new journey together for Hockey in the great city of Paris, Ontario.  After recently acquiring the Paris Mounties Junior Hockey franchise, it was our decision to consult with 3rd party marketing experts and consider evolving the brand of the team to reflect the attitude and core values of the new owners. Our ultimate decision was to re-brand and rename. 

As a loyal competitor myself, I understand the historic impact and importance of the decision to change the brand and team name in Paris. The success and championships that Paris enjoyed over the decades as Mounties, will always be unforgettable memories for the community.  Those memories do not diminish with a new name. Mounties will always be part of our franchise history.

In searching for a new brand, we sought a name that strongly reflects strength, fight, resiliency, and courage.  A Titan embodies those defining attributes, which is represented by our iconic Titan Warrior helmet, which will serve as the team’s primary logo.   

We acknowledge the name change will be difficult for some, and the transition may take time. It is our belief that this change will usher in a new era of pride in your Paris junior hockey team.  Our dedication to building a first-class junior hockey program will be reflected not only on the ice but in the community as we work together with Paris to instill Titan Pride.

We look forward to earning your trust and support this upcoming season, where we will put forth nothing less than a championship-caliber team to represent Paris.


You will Remember the Titans.





Mike Christian

President & Co-Owner